Safe Place Solutions

Safe Place Solutions™ provides innovative products and services designed to save lives and protect facilities in the event of an active shooter or active threat scenario. Our patented ballistic technologies provide the most effective barrier for saving lives when minutes matter.School shooter protection ballistic whiteboard
User-installed ballistic protection that is easy on the budget.

Manufactured in various thicknesses to meet a range of National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials protection levels, our ballistic products are functional, inconspicuous and will blend into any decor. Available in both fixed and mobile/mountable platforms, our solutions include a range of user-installed products, as well as custom-designed and specialized ballistic installations based on the unique needs of each environment and threat level, providing a Safe Place if terror strikes.

Ballistic Tiles Atlanta GeorgiaWonderTiles offer an affordable and flexible solution allowing your customers and employees, visitors or others with a level of ballistic protection strong enough for military use. These functional pieces not only ensure safe harbor from an assault weapon attack, they can be decorated to match any decor.  Built to withstand up to NIJ Level IV attacks, these tiles and custom-sized panels offer the highest level of ballistic personal protection currently available.

Stay alive until help arrives

• Withstands multiple handgun, rifle and shotgun blasts

• Available in various thicknesses based on anticipated threat level

• Can be mounted in front of, or behind surfaces

• Supplied as 16×16” tiles for stud mounting or in custom sizes and shapes based on your application

• Allows law enforcement time to respond

• Available in finishes to match your decor

• Suitable for offices, schools, hospitals, retail and private locations

Wonderboard – The patent-pending WonderBoard mobile presentation unit offers frontline ballistic protection for doors and openings against active shooter threats in any environment. Supplied to meet NIJ Level III or higher threat requirements, this mobile/mountable solution is constructed with proprietary ballistic technology, and fortified with military grade ballistic armor. run hide fight Atlanta georgiaThe large surface will resist multiple bullets from handguns to assault rifles and its multi-hit capabilities never degrade over time. This unobtrusive mobile solution can be deployed and locked in place in less than 30 seconds.

shooter protection whiteboard classroom atlanta georgia
• Turn your room into a safe-room or locate in hallways as a movable shield for first responders

• Deploy and engage in less than 30 seconds

• Easy rolling wheels glide over carpet, tile, cement or any similar floor covering

• Withstands multiple handgun, rifle and shotgun blasts

• Barrier designed to frustrate attackers

• Allows law enforcement time to respond

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