Shooter Detection

Shooter Detection Systems provides Gunshot Location Information in the palm of your hand with notification directly to handheld devices, Emergency Response Personnel via a Situational Awareness maping sysytem that immediately pops up on the screen with audible warnings of “Shot Detected” and leaves color coded breadcrumbs to identify where the latest gunshots were detected.  Our system also integrates with camera VMS – Video Management Systems to turn cameras in the direction of the gunshot, activate any action rules as well as integrares with all Mass Notification Systems you may use.

  • Guardian senses both muzzle flash and acoustic signatures
  • Over 12 Million Hours with Zero False Alarms
  • 911 and individual notification gives immedate situational awareness.
  • Guardian algorithms can determine signatures from a .22 to a 50 caliber weapon
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Pinpoint Shot Location
Immediate SMS/Email Alerts
Instant First Responded Notification


K-12 Schools
College & Universities
HR and Executive Suites
Public Venues

Integrates With

Video Management Systems
Mass Notification Systems
Software API’s

  • OVER 12 Million Hours with Zero False Alarms