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Security Center is the unified security platform from Genetec™ that seamlessly blends IP security systems to simplify your operations.

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Frequently Asked

I have an older Analog DVR system, can I upgrade to HD IP?

Absolutely!  There are two ways ISO can assist you in this – 1) We can install a completely new IP Network Camera system or 2) we can encode your existing analog cameras onto a new Network Video Recorder and new IP cameras then slowly migrate the legacy analog cameras over time.

I received an email notifying me that ISO Servers have detected one of my cameras/Device are down.

You are probably receiving this notice because you subscribe to our RMS – Remote Management Service or SMA – Service Maintenance Agreement.  Our system is letting you know we have lost communication with one or several of your devices and has started a ticket automatically on the issue.  In the email notification there are initial steps for you to take.  If you an RMS customer only, please reply to the notification directing us if you need remote or On-Site Service support.  If you have an active SMA contract in place there is nothing for you to do, we will address the issue within the SLA – Service Level Agreement that you have and resolve the issue for you.  We too will notify when the issue is resolved.

I can no longer access my cameras on my phone, can ISO help me?

Most likely there has been a change on your network router preventing access.  ISO can assist possibly remotely or by dispatching a technician.

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Our ranch is in the fire zone for Sonoma. The camera system saved our horses from the fire because we could view the fire situation from all directions and evacuate the horses by seeing which direction to proceed. I am so grateful for your expertise, which was tested to the limit early Monday morning. We had real time views of the situation all day which help us protect our ranch and our neighbors.

RonSonoma, CA

We have used ISO at six of our last new store openings, they really deliver quality video and service! Thanks.

Sean ReevesMarietta, GA

They have managed our Out of Plant Campus wide security cameras for many years and they have never under-delivered! We appreciate the excellent service.

Tina MooreAtlanta, GA